Thursday, July 16, 2020

Slight Change of Plans

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So a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. I'm back at work, I've taken on this massive project, and I just found out two days ago that I need to have gallbladder surgery. I have suspected for the last year or so that it was nearing time to have it done based on my family history. On mom's side, Mom, Grandma, and a cousin have had theirs removed. My sister has gallstones. It was inevitable. What I wasn't prepared for was how it manifested.

Two weeks ago my back started hurting. I was having a horrible muscle spasm from the middle of my back down into my right hip. It got so bad one night that I couldn't walk. I probably should have gone to the ER right then. The pain has been constant for two weeks, with varying degrees of severity. I finally went to the Dr, got an ultrasound, and it turns out I have a sludgy gallbladder. The pain has more or less settled where the gallbladder is, instead of my entire right flank, but I'm still having the muscle spasms. It sucks.

I've also decided to make a pattern change. My original selection was McCall's 7927. After the first mockup of the bodice pieces, I realized it would not look or behave the way I wanted. There's no boning, and the front pieces have no darts. Doing a FBA would probably be difficult and ruin the look of the dress.

My next choice is Simplicity 8329. It's out OOS at Simplicity and Joann's, but there are multiple copies on eBay. I think this dress will look and perform more like what I want. I can also more easily do a FBA on the princess seaming of the bodice. 

MY FABRIC ORDER FROM FWD FINALLY SHIPPED. *Cue squealing* I can't tell you how irrationally excited this made me. I now have 3x more fabric than I need, but that means more projects, right? Getting more than one garment from all this fabric would be fantastic, especially the silk georgette. The cotton voile is 60" wide, so I may be able to get a shirt or a sundress out of the remainder. It will be used for underlining, so I'll probably have a ton left.

Because I still don't know when I'm having surgery (find out this Friday) my project is on hold. If the pattern comes in and I can get the first mock-up made in time, I'll be posting a video. 

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