Monday, January 11, 2021

An update...

We are now almost a year into the pandemic. How is everyone doing out there? I haven't had COVID that I know of. I was sick last year for over 6 weeks, but the timing was all wrong, though now blood donations from that time indicate that it may have been here earlier than we thought. All my tests have been negative, but I am interested to see what an antibody test might return. I will be getting the vaccine when it's available. This shit is NO JOKE people.

My state is in full swing now, and the circle has started closing. I know a couple of people who have passed away, or who have lost family members, and a couple of first degree family members and co-workers have been sick, some very very sick.

I was furloughed from April-July, then I had gallbladder surgery, so I was off work for a few months. I baked bread, gardened, and generally stayed at home. My house was immaculate for the first month because I was stress cleaning. I was terrified at the time, and in full panic mode. The state of my home now indicates that I'm not stressed, but that I'm having trouble managing my depression. I'm back at work every day, and I really wish the office associates were working remotely. 

Most of my projects have been put on hold. I'm working on a few things that don't require much concentration or attention, except that cross stitch project that I should not have even started. *insert eyeroll* 

Stay safe out there, friends.

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